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Florida Tupelo Honey

Raw & Unfiltered Tupelo Honey 1 lb
Raw & Unfiltered Tupelo Honey 1 lb
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Raw & Unfiltered Tupelo Honey 1 lb
Raw, Natural White Tupelo (Nyssa Ogeche) Honey. The Apalachicola River basin is renown for its Tupelo Honey. Tupelo is also produced along the Chipola River, as well as the Ochlocknee and Choctahatchee Rivers, all tributaries to the Apalachicola. These are the only places in the world where certified Tupelo Honey is produced. The Tupelo bloom is very short, sometimes lasting as little as 5 days or less, and the effect of weather on production is far-reaching. Storms, high winds, and other weather factors can quickly destroy the bloom and completely end the creation of Tupelo honey . Bees are placed on barges,pushed up and sent down the river. There they fan out through the surrounding Tupelo-blossom-laden swamps during April and May returning with their valuable cargo of Tupelo nectar.Tupelo trees are in the deep swampsof Floridaand are pesticide free. Tupelo honey is organic . From the Peace River Honey Bees

Of all the raw honeys, Tupelo honey is one that does not granulate. Distinct in flavor and superb in quality, Tupelo is a premiere Florida honey, buttery in taste and likened to a fine wine. Like any other excellent specialty honey it commands a special price. Bee Blessed