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Natural first aid ~ for slow to heal wounds or general first aid.

Medihoney Wound Gel 25g
Medihoney Wound Gel 25g
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Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel. For stubborn or serious wounds. Contains 80% Medihoney standardised Antibacterial Honey and 20% waxes to provide a high viscosity gel that is easy to apply. Clinical research has shown that Medihoney Antibacterial Honey is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant organisms. Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel creates a moist, low PH enviornment that promotes new tissue formation, wound healing and is suitable to use throughout the healing process. It provides a natural alternative to wound healing and protection. For burns, cuts, and surgical wounds.

Medihoney Wound Gel cleans and protects the wound from bacteria, reducing the risk for infection. Great to have in the first aid kit. Suitable for children, large areas and & all stages of wound healing.