Pure Raw Natural Honey Varietals All Natural & Organic Skin Care

Kim Testifies!

A little over a year ago I was searching for a source of raw honey when a friend introduced me to your company. My family loves the taste and quality of your honey and we're especially fond of the creamed honey! What a treat! Another friend told me of your skin care products. I've tried quite a few different creams, lotions, etc. from different places and never found anything I was impressed with. Reluctantly I tried the Intensive Night Repair. I was pleased with the first use ~ it felt nice, not greasy with a pleasant fragrance. By the time the first bottle was empty I was hooked! I began having my 2 teens use it for acne and have had great results. We now no longer use anything for acne besides the Intensive Night Repair. I think my favorite products, however, are the Honey Almond Cream and Honey Almond Body Lotion. I no longer have any problems with dry, itchy skin. My skin looks and feels so much better & refreshed. I was with a friend recently and tried a little of her store bought lotion just to test the difference. I had forgotten how thick, greasy & "smelly" they tend to be. Of course, I told her about Peace River Bees. I appreciate your use of natural ingredients and the absence of chemicals in your products. I'm ashamed to say that I did not expect so much from a small company in a tiny little central Florida community, but you have impressed my family in a huge way! Thanks!

Kim Brown