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Color, texture, and flavor may vary from crop to crop. All raw, unheated honey (with the exception of Tupelo & Acacia) will eventually sugar or crystallize. These 'sugar crystals' are easier to eat and can be quite enjoyable. If you don't care for crystals in your honey it's no problem to reliquify: just put your jar of honey in a pan of hot water until it returns to liquid form. A good quality honey will have tiny air bubbles that form at the top in the jar known as 'pollen ring'. Raw honey should be stored in a closed jar at room temperature. No refrigeration is required. Changes in temperature wonít spoil honey but may affect its texture (i.e. make it crystallize faster). As long as other foods donít get into the jar, honey is remarkably long-lived and will not spoil. Raw honey is a great food which promotes good health. Try the Peace River Bees natural raw honey and rediscover the magic that bees make.